Kerry: US, EU will react if Crimea annexed

[The USA and EU supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian government by a coalition of liberal and fascist forces. Russia was on the other side of the conflict. Although threats are being exchanged, the conflict will not lead to military conflict. At most, sanctions will be applied against Russia. A political settlement is far more... Continue Reading →


Russia: Yanukovich asked Putin to use force to save Ukraine

[Despite the overall trend away from intra-imperialist rivalry, rivalry still exists in limited ways. The recent conflicts between the Western and Russian poles of empire reflect this rivalry. Where rivalry has become most pronounced is within those areas or countries once within the Soviet sphere of influence. The Russian intervention in the conflict between S.... Continue Reading →

Jordan urged to end military trials of protesters

[Jordan's dictatorship is propped up by the United States. The United States claims to support democracy, yet the United States supports some of the most reactionary monarchies and dictatorships in the Middle East.  Imperialism cares not about human rights and democracy, it cares only about advancing its own interests. --NP] Jordan urged to end military... Continue Reading →

Bangladesh workers set fire to their factory

[Bangladesh workers are treated like slaves under capitalism. They work long hours in terrible, dangerous conditions for little pay. They produce for the First World. The answer is revolution. -- NP] Bangladesh workers set fire to their factory (AP) DHAKA: Hundreds of Bangladeshi garment workers set fire to their factory on Wednesday to demand a... Continue Reading →

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