Occupy claims to fight capitalism by giving money to banks

Occupy claims to fight capitalism by giving money to banks (new-power.org) The Occupy movement's recent actions further underscore its bourgeois and reformist nature: "Marking the third anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the group's Strike Debt initiative announced Wednesday it has abolished $3.8 million worth of private student loan debt since January. It said... Continue Reading →

Africans say growth has not improved their lives

[Capitalist and technological "development" has not improved the standard of living for Africans. Capitalist "development" is really just underdevelopment. Capitalist "development" in today's world is about securing and increasing First World, imperial privilege. The people of the Third World suffer in order for the First World to thrive. -- NP] Africans say growth has not... Continue Reading →

South African whites earn 6 times more than blacks

[Marx, Engels, Lenin, and other classic authors all began to write about the bourgeoisification of segments of the workers. The Leading Light with its global class analysis reached new scientific heights. Even after years of rule by African politicians, Africans are still suffering gross inequalities. Even tough apartheid has been technically eliminated, it still casts... Continue Reading →

Who are the one percent?

Who are the one percent? (new-power.org) This is an interesting poster we found online at globalequality.me. We do not know who made it, but we like the sentiment. The numbers aren't exactly correct. Most Americas fall within the top 10% globally, almost all fall within the top 15%. Now, change will come from the bottom... Continue Reading →

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