Al-Qaida group in Lebanon vows to strike at Iran

[Al-Qaida unknowingly shows us  why revolutionary scientific leadership of the anti-imperialist united front is so important. Rather than joining with Iran and Hezbollah against the main enemy of the peoples of the Middle east, AQ points its spear at Iran and Hezbollah. Hezbollah has been at the forefront of the struggle against the USA and... Continue Reading →

Five points regarding the August chemical attack in Syria

Five points regarding the August chemical attack in Syria ( Throughout the Syrian conflict there have been several accusations of gas attacks. The largest of these was the allegation of the gas attack on August 21st in the suburbs of Damascus. Immediately, without investigation, the Western states and media declared that the Assad regime was... Continue Reading →

Rebels get Saudi missiles

[The US, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia all back the so-called "rebels." What kind of revolution is this? -- NP] Rebels get Saudi missiles (Arabtimes) DUBAI, June 17, (Agencies): Saudi Arabia, a staunch opponent of President Bashar al-Assad since early in Syria’s conflict, began supplying anti-aircraft missiles to rebels “on a small scale”... Continue Reading →

CIA “rebels”: MEK revisionists in the news

[The Mujahedeen-e-Khal is a revisionist organization that claims to uphold socialism, but works for the CIA. They have a long history of working with the CIA by committing acts of sabotage and terrorism for the CIA and Mossad against the Iranian regime. They have a history of sabotaging Iran's nuclear facilities, assassinating scientists and intellectuals,... Continue Reading →

‘People want Assad to stay’

[The Baathist regime in Syria is not socialist nor consistently anti-imperialist. Even so, the reporting on the regime in the media has been extremely one-sided. The conflict in Syria is one largely manufactured by outside forces. The West and its Libyan, Turkish, Israel, and Gulf allies are fighting a proxy war in Syria against Iran's... Continue Reading →

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