Colombia’s FARC rebels call conditional unlimited ceasefire

[Armed struggle should not be given up for bourgeois illusions about legal political change. Furthermore, FARC did this before. It resulted in the assassination of their leaders and politicians. Yet more evidence that FARC is revisionist. -NP] (Reuters) - Colombia's Marxist FARC rebels have declared an indefinite unilateral ceasefire beginning on Dec. 20 but promised... Continue Reading →

Obama Unveils ‘New Approach’ On Cuba As Former Foes Chart New Course

[The USA ends its embargo. This is a mixed blessing. It will allow people in Cuba a higher standard of living, but it will also increase US influence in Cuba. Obama certainly justified his move by saying it will allow the US to better influence Cuba's development. On the good side, the Cuban 5 prisoners,... Continue Reading →

Police attack students at UNAM

(RevolutionNews on facebook) Mexico: University of Mexico site of the shooting earlier this evening of two students and a dog. Riot Police entered UNAM earlier tonight, students have since secured some entrances around the university center and set up barricades to keep cops out. Supposedly the car of one of the officers involved in the... Continue Reading →

Iguala’s Martyrs are Immortal

Iguala’s Martyrs are Immortal ( Recently, following violence where six students were killed and 43 went missing in Guerrero, Mexico, burned remains were found in a mass grave in Iguala, about 200 km south of Mexico’s capital. The bodies in the grave reportedly match video images of students who were taken away by police. Several... Continue Reading →

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