Abalone farmers, angry over pollution, storm Chinese shipyard

[China is not socialist, it has long been capitalist. Revisionism, capitalism has ruled China since the 1970s. There is no justification for polluting the land on which the masses depend. Pollution is killing our families. We demand a future for our children! -NP] SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A shipyard in China's southeast has suspended operations after... Continue Reading →

UN warns its food aid program in NKorea at risk

[Northern Korea received more aid form the US than any other Asian country during much of the 1990s.  Today, northern Korea receives support from the UN. Despite claims to the contrary, the regime is hardly self sufficient. --NP] WASHINGTON (AP) — The World Food Program may have to shut down its operations in North Korea... Continue Reading →

Dr. Shweta Pathak attacked by police

Dr. Shweta Pathak attacked by police (logicalindian) Dr. Shweta Pathak was attacked brutally by goons for opposing land grabbing of government land by some vested interests. An attempt was also made to rape the 33 year old doctor. This happened in Buxar, Bihar where Dr. Pathak had been a candidate of the AAP in the... Continue Reading →

Fire at Chinese shoe factory kills 16: Xinhua

[Capitalism means prosperity for the wealthy, for the Bourgeois World. For the poor, the Proletarian World, it means poverty and death. China's socialism went off course in the 1970s. China has long since restored capitalism. With capitalism comes tragedy for the workers and poor peoples of the world. -- NP] Fire at Chinese shoe factory... Continue Reading →

Global study: World not ready for aging population

[Capitalism is irrational from the standpoint of human need. Capitalism is about creating more capital, not organizing society scientifically, rationally. Capitalism does not prepare for the future. It destroys the environment. Our children, future generations, will pay the price for capitalism's irrationality -- NP]  Global study: World not ready for aging population (AP) The world... Continue Reading →

Scientist: Cassava disease spread at alarming rate

[Under socialism,  under the New Power, under Leading Light Communism, such a food crisis would not exist. Food production would be organized scientifically to serve the people, not to serve profit. Under the New Power, diverse food reserves would be stockpiled to avoid such disasters. In addition, populations would not be so dependent on one... Continue Reading →

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