The Islamic State claims it now has a ‘regional leader’ in Bengal, meaning Bangladesh

[With the recent chaos caused by the war criminals who use Islam as a mask, Bangladesh may be the next victim of the Islamic State and its imperialist puppet masters -- NP] The Islamic State claims it now has a 'regional leader' in Bengal, meaning Bangladesh. ( But it does not name the leader nor... Continue Reading →


Report: ISIS Beheads Senior Hamas Operative in Syria

[ISIS attacking the Palestinian movement - NP] ( By Ari Soffer Sheikh Abu Salah Taha believed to be among scores of Palestinians executed in Yarmouk; image of severed head posted online. Among the Palestinian Arab fighters beheaded by the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) in Damascus's Yarmouk camp was a senior Hamas figure in Syria, according... Continue Reading →

1945: Auschwitz death camp liberated

[The fascists murdered millions of Jews, Gypsies, political dissidents, including communists. The Red Army saved the world from Hitler's genocidal tyranny. -- NP] (Source: The Red Army has liberated the Nazis' biggest concentration camp at Auschwitz in south-western Poland. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of Polish people, as well as Jews from a number... Continue Reading →

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