Armed & Bailed: US ‘Blackwater’ mercs pay crimes with fines

A recent report from Russia Today states: "Department of Justice is letting a contractor away with a fine despite it being charged with arms smuggling and other crimes. The group formerly known as Blackwater must now fork out over seven and a half million dollars to avoid criminal prosecution." Although the Russia Today report makes... Continue Reading →

Hunt for trafficker terrorizes Honduran villagers

[Whether the United States military personell were involved or not, the United States is responsible for the violence in Honduras. The entire history of Latin America is a history of atrocities and exploitation inflicted by the United States against the poor peoples of the hemisphere. The poverty and maldevelopment there are a result of centuries... Continue Reading →

US beating war drums: Mexico and Iran

US beating war drums: Mexico and Iran ( A sensational story is being reported in the media. The FBI and DEA have claimed to foil a plot by Gholam Shakuri, an individual with alleged connections to the elite Iranian Quds Force. According to reports, Iranian agents operating in the United States were attempting to contact... Continue Reading →

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