Panama holds ex-CIA officer in rendition

[Update, spoke to soon. It is now reported that the United States has the prisoner. Panama bowed to Uncle San.. no surprise there. -- NP] [Chickens come home to roost -- NP] Panama holds ex-CIA officer in rendition PANAMA CITY (AP) -- A former CIA base chief convicted in the 2003 abduction of a terror... Continue Reading →

Guatemala top court overturns genocide conviction

[Bourgeois justice in action. Not even too little, too late. Zip. Nada.-- NP] Guatemala top court overturns genocide conviction GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Guatemala's top court has thrown another curve into the genocide case of former dictator Efrain Rios Montt, overturning his conviction and ordering that the trial be taken back to the middle of... Continue Reading →

Young objector challenges Israeli army

[Support those who refuse to participate in crimes against humanity. --NP] Young objector challenges Israeli army JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military has jailed a young man for six months for refusing to serve because of his opposition to Israel's occupation of the West Bank, focusing attention on the longstanding conflict between the country's universal... Continue Reading →

For Mass. lab chemist, an unlikely road to scandal

[It is a myth that justice is blind under capitalism. Bias, people's assumptions about society, the state, race, class, gender, etc. -- skew the process all the time. Even areas considered "hard science" are not immune. First Worldism, White supremacy, classism, racism, sexism, national chauvinism, patriarchy, age-ism, etc. all enter into the decision making process.... Continue Reading →

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