Six years on, quake-devastated Haiti mourns its dead

[The reason the earthquake was so devastating to Haiti was the unfathomable poverty that exists there.  That poverty can, in large part, be blamed on the long history of interference and repression of Haiti by the United States of America. -Uziel] Port-au-Prince (AFP) - Haitians paused Tuesday to mourn the 200,000 people killed six years... Continue Reading →

Israel applies lethal response to wave of Palestinian attacks

[The Arch-Occupiers are at it again with more extrajudicial violence against those resisting oppression.  On the surface this article almost seems pro-Palestinian, but in reality its more of the same imperialist propaganda attempting to paint any violent resistance to Israel as illegitimate. Notice while there is talk of Israel's right to self defense, that there... Continue Reading →

Key events in a month of Turkish unrest

[This is a compilation of recent events that are shaping the current situation in Turkey and Kurdistan. -Uziel] Istanbul (AFP) - Eight Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack on Wednesday and militants in Istanbul launched an attack on the palace housing the prime minister's offices. Here are the main developments since a huge attack... Continue Reading →

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