U.S. steps up diplomacy, rebel support to end Syrian ‘hell’: Kerry

[It is no coincidence that the United States is stepping up its involvement in Syria now that Russia has entered into the fold.  The US seems to believe that Syria's problems can be solved by flooding the region with more weapons with the hope they will stay in the hands of their "moderate" allies.  The... Continue Reading →

Climate pact hinges on finance: conference host France

[As long as capitalism remains the global system, climate change will be discussed ad nausem with no results. Hollande and the rest of the imperialists can invoke "finance" until they are blue in the face and it won't change the grim reality facing the Earth and its people. Capitalism is incompatible with preserving the environment... Continue Reading →

Key events in a month of Turkish unrest

[This is a compilation of recent events that are shaping the current situation in Turkey and Kurdistan. -Uziel] Istanbul (AFP) - Eight Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack on Wednesday and militants in Istanbul launched an attack on the palace housing the prime minister's offices. Here are the main developments since a huge attack... Continue Reading →

Aden’s overwhelmed hospitals turn into hospices

[Yet more tragedy caused by the interference of the imperialists in Yemen. "We must oppose foreign intervention in Yemen, especially by Empire. We must denounce the militarist policies of Empire, especially the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and its Islamic State and Al Qaeda allies who are using genocide and sectarianism to destroy the... Continue Reading →

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