History is unfolding in front of our eyes.. a look back

History is unfolding in front of our eyes.. a look back


This was a historic year. We have burst onto the world scene. We have shifted the debate. We continue to elevate revolutionary science to ever new heights. Our organization spreads. Our influence grows. We have momentum.

We published MSH 1 and 2 in English. These works broke new ground in political economy. They are the most advanced works in the world. These works are the key to understanding the global economy.

We published LL1, 2, 3, and 4 in English. We published LL1 and 2 in Spanish. These magazines set forth the general line of the Leading Light. All comrades and fellow travelers need to study the LL series. Everyone must read these at least three times. Study these closely. These are training manuals.

We published our Forward! booklet for those just coming into our circles. Forward! is currently in English, but will soon be in Polish and Spanish. All need to study this booklet.

We produced two amazing movies: A Storm is Coming and Walk the Road with Us. These are currently in English, Polish, and Spanish. Soon they will be in Tagalog.

We have created webpages in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Polish, and Greek.

This is incredible outpouring of creativity will continue. Our global reach continues to grow. Our organizational capacity grows.  What you see here is the tip of the iceberg. Our online and public work is not our main work. Our real work is beneath the surface. We are a mostly clandestine organization. Some of you are beginning to see our deep work.

We have correctly led the international communist movement at every key turn. We do not tail. We lead. We see further than all others. We are the vanguard. We pull others forward — even when they do not fully understand. This is not hyperbole, it is reality.

We are making history. Things may seem slow sometimes, but, the reality is that what we have accomplished this year is unprecedented. We have put scientific communism, Leading Light Communism, front and center internationally. We have comrades across the world. Our organization is expanding everywhere.

Everyone needs to look inward. Everyone needs to ask themselves if they are serious or not. We have pulled you forward. You stand at a crossroads. You are now beginning to see the possibilities. You now see our the true depth of our work. This is about revolution in the real world. This is not a game. Our science, organization, and leadership has brought us to this point. We need serious people who are willing to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly. We need people who will sacrifice. We need people to lead, to organize study circles, to work, and, especially, to donate. Donating is what allows us to keep operating on the global level. There are several roads before you. It is time to step up.

Science. Courage. Sacrifice. Honor. Discipline. Organization. Leadership.

We are dedicating our lives to this. We are red soldiers. We are Leading Lights.

Let’s make history. Let’s make 2012 a year to remember.

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