Prachanda says New Democracy isn’t possible

Prachanda says New Democracy isn’t possible


It is being reported that chairman Prachanda of the UCPN(Maoist) has now stated that New Democracy is not possible in Nepal. He justified this by stating:

“Things have undergone a sea change since the launch of the people´s war in 1996. We therefore have to adopt the policy of peace and constitution as per the changed context.”


“If any of the comrades refuse to acknowledge this reality and insist on going for a revolt, they may choose to quit the party.”

The reversal of revolution in Nepal had been justified by the revisionists as a “substage” in the struggle for New Democracy. All the twists and turns, all the classic revisionist lines, were given cover by this formula. The claim was that New Democratic revolution was still the goal as a way to transition to socialism and communism, but a substage was needed in Nepal. The twisted path was not some elaborate plan to reach New Democracy, as the revisionists and their apologists continued to  claim even until recently. It was a blatantly revisionist course with a known endgame.

Many chose not to look at the science. Instead, they pimped off the movement in Nepal, even as it turned blatantly revisionist. Such cheer leading and movementarianism does not do the proletariat any good. The proletariat needs clarity and science. In this age of no socialist states, the burden is on us to carry the banner of revolutionary science, of the revolutionary tradition. The old lessons of revolution over reform, of New Power, of the united front, of people’s war, etc. must be taught, even if it requires us to swallow a bitter pill. The new lessons of the Leading Light must be taught also. We will go nowhere if we bow to opportunism, movementarianism and revisionism. Leading Light Communism is the way forward.



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